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TEMPLE RUN BRAVE for Android – Whats so special about this latest version ?

For many years children’s films have been accompanied by video games usually multiplatform, and not very good; Hollywood studios recently implemented a new strategy when it comes to iOS games, as they pay for the rights of an existing one and add traits to it on the tape. This is how we have Angry Birds Rio or Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots , and now it’s the Disney / Pixar turn with Temple Run: Brave .

The new animation giant Brave tells the story of a fiery redheaded princess who seeks to get rid of the spell she was forced to save her family. The history takes place in Celtic Scotland, so we will find wooded landscapes, magic and medieval action. As for the game with which this story will be combined, Temple Run was released for iOS platforms in 2011; The objective is to escape from some strange monkeys that try to catch you; No end, no bosses, just run and get as far as possible.

The most remarkable thing to begin to play this new fusion of intellectual properties is the impressive graphic improvement to which the original was submitted. Everything we’ve seen in Temple Run now has 3D graphics with high-resolution textures, shadows, and the implementation of fog that improves the sense of going into the unknown. As we expected, the protagonist was replaced by Princess Merida and the angry primates, by a ferocious bear that appears in the trailers of the film.

They also added a new feature to the gameplay: you must shoot with your bow to targets that appear during the race; Just touch the circles and if you succeed in all, you receive a bonus. During this stage there are no obstacles, only coins, so you can focus your attention on this goal and rest for a while from the logs, stones and gorges that you usually find on the road.

Unfortunately with the improvements also came some problems, as it is a game so fast new graphics affect its performance, and sometimes everything stops for a couple of seconds or does not respond to tactile commands, which causes you to lose, in addition Increase battery consumption. Another unfavorable detail of the game is that it costs a dollar, while the original was free.

Although it is practically the title that we know, the implemented improvements give a sense of novelty that make use of the dollar, especially for the followers of Pixar.

Diablo II – The Happy 20 year old Devil !

Today we not only celebrate the start of 2016, but also a very important franchise in the era of the 90 has turned 20 today, we refer to Diablo . This action RPG from the hand of Blizzard North was in its time quite revolutionary by the interface point and click that it offered, versatility of classes and a quite high production budget that offered graphics and sound of another world.

Not only that, but it had a PlayStation 1 port that maybe several remember for its offline multiplayer that had the help of another player, an option for a storyteller to tell us the story instead of finding books, and probably the reason Most infamous of this version were its save times and the size it required (10 blocks at a time where the standard was 15 on a Memory Card).

It was so successful that four years later it had its sequel, Diablo II , which several remember that the disc of StarCraft brought a preview in video. Here the most notable was its variety of areas , which were divided into Acts. The randomness of the items here was much more complex than in the first game, and gave a lot of replay value thanks to this system along with tighter classes.

After this we did not hear much more of the series except some expansions until 2012, where the third part of the franchise, Diablo III was released. The first thing that caught everyone’s attention was the DRM system it had, which required us to always be online using to play , which led to an infamous first day of release where the servers could not stand the players mass.

Also the infamous Auction House was another point that divided the players, since they found that it reduced the exploration of the game and made certain parts were much easier if one spent money in the real life. This system allowed to sell equipment either with gold or spending real money, with very few exceptions to the rule with non-changeable items. It was so criticized the system (Until its director in that time Jay Wilson said that ” hurt much to the game “) that in 2014 was completely eliminated of the game.

In addition to this, the Reaper of Souls expansion made its leap to the consoles, where it was quite well received and made Blizzard see that there was a market in this area with these games (They were even re-released as Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so much so that their next IP, Overwatch , was released simultaneously for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC systems.

And now, this year, Blizzard celebrations do not stop. During the BlizzCon 2016, one of the things that caught the attention in addition to the implementation of the Necromancer class in a DLC planned in the future was the patch called The Darkening of Tristam , which as its name indicates makes us travel the creepy tower of the First delivery on the Diablo III engine . Along with other celebrations in other games, it is clear that Blizzard wants to celebrate this date, even if it did not mean to see Diablo IV.


Captivating. This would be the word that describes the new delivery of CAPCOM.
We play as Ethan, the character who after 3 years, is contacted by his ex – girlfriend who had disappeared without saying anything to warn us that he is in danger and that we are going to rescue her. We as good blue princes, we go to their aid and when they arrive, everything goes to hell …

The first thing we will see when entering the game, will be the basics of the menu but when entering options, we will have a wide range of changes that includes the controls to use, if your preference is a gamepad or the famous keyboard / mouse combo. Within the language, we have at our disposal to play with voices in Spanish, English or others at user’s preference as well as to configure the general language of the game. It includes the classic options in audio and a wide range within graphics so we can manage well, the performance to adapt it to our own machine.

We can already notice that the adaptation of the game to PC is quite detailed by CAPCOM and we can confirm it when starting a new game, when we can move through the game and notice that the engine used is so optimized that the game It looks graphically good and with good FPS performance.

The game itself is an FPS of horror and survival so we have to prepare ourselves to use the resources that we deliver like bullets and cures in a smart way. Already when passing the first minutes of games, we can notice that the atmosphere is atrapante and gives us that feeling of anxiety and fear when investigating new rooms and places. * It is recommended to play in low light or without light for further immersion along with good hearing aids

As final words about the game, it is strongly recommended to play it especially the fans who enjoy the tension at all times, both when exploring and knowing what is happening and how the story unfolds.

While CAPCOM tries to get back to the roots of what is the saga of Resident Evil, they have to put aside the name and enjoy every moment as if it were a totally new game. Let’s hope that we have in the future, new deliveries with this same quality from them, since the players are already rewarding them with good sales (it is in the top 5 of the best selling games on Steam even weeks before the release of the Game) and with good reviews by the average player.


Operating System: WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Requires 64-
bit architecture ) Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX ™ -6300
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 or AMD Radeon ™ R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Space: 24 GB of available space


Operating system: WINDOWS® 10
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-4670K @ 3.6GHz Motherboard
: Asus Z97-K
Memory: 16 GB Kingston 1600MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 EVGA
Monitor: Asus VG248QE 144Hz
Space: Western Digital 240GB SSD

Guide to Playing GO Pokémon on a rooted device


Pokémon Go had an important upgrade yesterday, but for all the wrong reasons. In a desperate attempt by Niantic to counter measures of cheating, GPS spoofing and bots, they have decided to block full access to root devices on Android and Jailbreak on iOS. This unleashed the fury of communities like XDA and Cydia

Not only that, but some r / pokemongodev reports say that some Chinese phones such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oneplus come factory rooted and that there are users who have no idea what a root is or they have not done so they get the message Of error. This should be enough signal for Niantic to act and realize the gigantic problem they have created.

If you see the screen do not panic, it is not a ban but rather a kind of softlock application. That is, when you remove all types of root or hide it should go all normal.

The root or rooting your android device is to acquire permits superuser, which means you can use and modify your device without any restriction and thanks to the latest update of Pokémon GO know that all users root their phones not be Use the application , and not all of you roboise your phone just to cheat on Pokémon GO, so we bring you a guide on how to enjoy this popular game from your rooted device.

This root in particular is to change the method of rooteo of our device by the mod Magisk developed by the user topjohnwu of XDA that allows us rooting our device with systemless root method does not modify the system partition and allows us to activate And disable the root of our device at will to be able to use any application and game.


To use Magisk we need our device to have the bootloader unlocked and a personalized recovery like TWRP . It is recommended to install the factory image and bootloader of the device , but will have to undo the root and restore the bootloader.


1) De-rotate the device : Install and open the SuperSU application from the playstore, go to the Settings tab, go down to the Cleanup section and click on Full unroot. Say that you want to restore the boot and you do not want to restore recovery. The device will reboot and we will no longer have root.

2) Get rid of Xposed : Go to the Xposed downloads page and download the uninstaller corresponding to the processor of your device (arm, arm64 or x86) . Once downloaded we save the ZIP in our device and install it from the recovery (Recovery> Install). After flashing the ZIP we will have to do a Wipe cache / dalvik to remove all traces of Xposed .

Note: if you do not know what kind of processor you have, we recommend googlear before or download Droid Hardware Info , here is also a guide to know your type of processor.

3) Install Magisk: In XDA there is a tutorial and its download link. We need to install (or its latest version) from recovery. After installation we reboot the device.

4) Root with Magisk : To roote the device we have to download the Magisk version of phh’s SuperUser 17 (click start download automatically) and install it from the recovery as we did with the Xposed uninstaller and the Magisk installer from the previous steps. We reboot the device and installed phh SuperUser from the Play Store and also Magisk Manager v1.2 .

Congratulations, now your device is rooted and you can enjoy the freedom that the root gives without ceasing to play Pokémon GO, we simply have to enter Magisk Manager and deactivate the root every time we want to play and activate it when we finish playing . While activating and deactivating the root correctly Pokémon GO will have no way of knowing that your device is modified.

Most played PC Games in the world

Like every month, Gaming magazine has published the 20 most played titles of PC in the United States and Europe. The limitation to these two regions is due to the fact that to make the list they use data of the programs of Overwolf, like TeamSpeak and GameCapture, that are used mainly in those two territories.
The list is as follows:

1. League of Legends (-)
2. Minecraft (-)
3. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (5)
4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (3)
5. World of Warcraft (6)
6. Overwatch (4)
7. World of Tanks (-)
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer (9)
9. Dota 2 (8)
10. ARMA 3 (-)
11. Rocket League (12)
12. Guild Wars 2 (11)
13. Grand Theft Auto V (-)
14. Garry’s Mod (16)
15. Rust (20)
16. Warface (15)
17. ARK: Survival Envolved (14)
18. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (-)
19. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (-)
20. Battlefield 4 (17)

FIFA 14 PC & Mobile – Sys reqs, Specs & review

Modern sports titles are debated between two streams. Should they be better titles or better simulators? The middle point is almost always the objective: that the simulation does not affect the game system and vice versa. FIFA has been concerned over the last decade in adding substantial improvements that contribute to this aspect.

The result is the introduction of an element of chance where it is required. Only the relevant should be addressed; A total simulation would not be fun and would not be a good game. The route taken by the game makes it virtually impossible for a system to control all players, so we must rely on the computer to perform certain tasks. This is one of the areas in which the team behind FIFA has spent more time on each iteration of the series, since adjusting the thin line between what the player controls and the work of artificial intelligence is delicate.

In a way, in FIFA 14 we must deal with the aspect of game simulation: now it is more similar to the real version of the sport, but the user must learn to perform tasks that were previously reserved for computer or artificial intelligence. The intention is clear: that the control of the ball is imperative to be able to realize a good strategy. With this they seek to eliminate “unreal” situations like that a player can dodge the whole opposing team. Minor automation also places an emphasis on the ability of users.

All of the above leads me to think to what extent a game should be a precise simulation. For example, I noticed how on one occasion a player stumbled upon another member of his team. Is it fair that artificial intelligence produces a situation disadvantageous for the player in a random way? For the short time I could play FIFA 14 , I noticed that getting used to will take some time, but it is a welcome change as it produces more interesting game situations.

Popular Mobile Games – Angry Birds 2 – Review

It’s been 6 years since Angry Birds broke into the world of mobile games, razing all records and becoming a global phenomenon. The game was everywhere, the children loved it and the Rovio executives swam in money … the bubble burst and after 10 iterations, came the sequel.

The market for mobile titles is very different from the one you saw coming to these angry birds and developers did not overlook the situation, so Angry Birds 2 includes fantastic graphics and animations on a basic gameplay mechanic, but enriched with elements that We saw in previous installments of the franchise. However, that is nothing compared to the overwhelming implementation of a freemium system with all the formulas and mechanisms that force the player to pay more than $ 0.99 of dollar if he wants to enjoy the experience.

As is often the case in free-to-play, the game is conditioned on a huge variety of factors, each designed to make you spend money. We are accustomed to that, many titles implement it, only this time Rovio crossed the line, because advancing in the game not only requires skill, but also luck or money. Factors that were once essential like physics, are put in the background and added empty features as magic cards to destroy the pigs on stage, but not all and yes, you guessed it: they are cards that are bought with the game currency, Currency that in the initial levels springs up gushing but in higher levels scarce as golden amiibos.

I can frankly say that I consider myself a casual Angry Birds player , if that exists. Like many, I hooked up with the first one and got some like the Star Wars ones , so in no way does it offend me that the game has been monetized in such an unfair way. However, these last days have been a patient struggle against frustration: it took me a whole day to spend one of the bosses. The game has already been downloaded millions of times and surely a good number of these players invest money in it, I do not … not like that, Rovio.

StarCraft II The King of ESports and Games?

If something that I have always found fascinating in the world of Esports with all that I have seen in this last decade is the recent case that the fans of StarCraft II that have not realized that at the moment they are a niche in the cyber sport universe.

This past January 1st Peter “ppd” Dagger, new president of the sports house Evil Geniuses announced through a video on Twitter that they would remove from his cast several players of the FGC (including Justin Wong, Yusuke Mochimi, Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez and Yuko “Chocoblanka” Momochi) and bid farewell to their current SC2 squad, veterans Geoff “InControL” Robertson and Chris “HuK” Loranger.

Reactions did not wait and StarCraft II fans raised their fists in protest of the action – including the fact that no one had communicated with InControl since EG’s change of directive – with many claiming how they can get rid of those who helped To build the brand and that, citing the well-known caster of the game Leigh “Maynarde” Mandalov, “Apparently Evil Geniuses unfortunately has a lack of interest in the past, which in a way shows their lack of interest in the future.”

The problem is that with StarCraft II there is not much future.


Be free to light your torches but there is a good reason for that and you have to see it in a highly objective way, taking away the lenses of nostalgia and leaving aside the teddy of Zerling de Carbot. It’s the end of the road for StarCraft II, and I do not mean it to infuriate them. The hard data is there.

To begin we already have in our hands the complete game, its expansions, its additional missions, everything. Virtually the development cycle is over – out of routine patches – and they are practically leaving players playing with SC2 artificial intelligence. So much control in Blizzard’s controlled environment games (worth the redundancy) could only happen once you know it is no longer a top priority in the company.

On the other hand we see the world of the Esports, where you have to be extremely honest, StarCraft years ago stopped being the true “king of Esports” . For those who do not know, for years it was named for the game for its quirky tournaments and large sums of money (of course this Boom manifested in its 80% specifically in Asia), but with the current reality, this nickname is only Maintains out of respect for having given the foundation and foundation for what would become a worldwide phenomenon: young people playing video games in paid competitions.

In fact the last Western champion was crowned last October .

Today SC2 is only a shadow of what it once was (including the first game), where it’s still possible to turn on a TV in Korea and run into a game tournament, but simply, to the disappointment of fans, the harsh reality Is that the dream of reaching that level all over the planet was stuck on the Asian border.

There is a very loyal public of StarCraft’s skills and they will defend it to the death (including Blizzard’s patronage and blessing), the point is that it will unfortunately never reach the standard of the current eSports.

The Best Games of 2016

Metacritic nowadays is seen with different eyes by the players. While they are an authority, others believe that they do not put together or value what is really important. Even so, the site remains the authority in title rankings and now we will see what were the best games of the year according to critics. Previously we had seen the worst that the site had ordered all year , now, it is time to see the most remarkable according to them.


As for general consensus, getting a score of 93 out of 100, Uncharted 4, the final adventure of Nathan Drake, was considered the best game of 2016. Its gameplay and history made it the definitive adventure of the year among critics .


With a ranking of 92 among the critics, Inside was not only crowned the best independent game of the year, but also the second best of ALL. From the creators of Limbo, INSIDE again puts you at the feet of a child escaping from their destination.


However, looking at the list of all the games, there was another winner in particular, one who won in one place on three platforms as the best of the year. This is Blizzard Overwatch. The shooter won the place as the best 5th game on PC, the 6th best game on Xbox One and the tenth on PS4.


It is not a game per se, but it will definitely be remembered as one of the best downloadable content that has had a game in years and go that liked the criticism. In terms of score managed to be as the fourth best game of the year in PC and eighth in PS4.

Other data that Metacritic delivers is that the best Wii U game this year was Axiom Verge, with a ranking 89, and that the best 3DS game was Picross 3D: Round 2. The best PS Vita game was Steins; .

Real-time gaming strategy refuses to disappear

The genre, named in Anglo-Saxon countries as Real Time Strategy or by its acronym RTS , took its first steps with Dune II in 1992 and consolidated its dominion over the eSports for the next decade with the arrival of Starcraft in 1998. Today in Day is running down the plains of online competitions down the hill, thanks to the unblemished reign of the MOBA.

Already by the year 2004 the battles in real time were the undisputed kings of eSports and a company dominated with its two titles these competitions. It was Blizzard Entertainment , with its titles Starcraft and Warcraft III. These titles massified the generated RTS and gave him a significant place in computer games.

However, these titles were not the only ones that helped create the world of large-scale battles. A year before the departure of Starcraft, Microsoft launched Age of Empires , the video game that has charmed generations with its different civilizations and units, traverses 3000 years of human history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. A fun way to learn history. Sadly, the saga, which reached its greatest achievement and popularity with its second installment “The Age of Kings”, failed to enter the competitive world of eSports and its third delivery ended up plunging it.

By the hand of The Creative Assembly , a British video game company, we were able to see the battles on a scale never before seen. It was the beginning of the Total War saga , which captivated strategy-lovers with its control of large numbers of troops, without greater difficulty but giving full prominence to full military strategy. His first title, Shogun: Total War introduced us all in an unknown environment in video games to date, the mysticism of distant Japan Feudal and his massive battles confronting thousands of soldiers by side.

The Total War saga, which continues to date with its most recent Total War: Warhammer, has been characterized from the outset by blending diplomatic, economic and temporal features of turn-based strategy video games for campaign and multiplayer maps with Of the strategy in real time in the battles that you have to face in these same scenarios

Outside the competitive scene, there are countless strategic titles that made us and continue to feel a true General on the battlefield, one of the most repeated scenarios in this genre has always been the twentieth century and its countless warlike conflicts. We can lead our troops during the Cold War in acclaimed titles like Command and Conquer, World in Conflict and Wargame; Or get sentimentalists and lead Allied and Axis troops across the battlefields in the Urals, Normandy or Iwo Jima in works like Company of Heroes or Men of War.

Today many of the launches already named in this article are still played and expected by millions of gamers who love to feel with an army in the palm of their hand and rule the destiny of the world. Unfortunately the RTS have lost the protagonism that they had the last decade and the leaders of the sort like Starcraft II and Total War try to keep this tradition afloat to continue enchanting the new generations, that each time they have more variety of sorts to choose.

It only remains to wait for the great developers to continue to give life to the most complex genre of video games and that the next installments that come to the navel. We will see how the Creative Assembly does with Microsoft in Halo Wars 2 and we are waiting to see Warcraft IV, Age of Empires 4 or Starcraft III.