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Real-time gaming strategy refuses to disappear

The genre, named in Anglo-Saxon countries as Real Time Strategy or by its acronym RTS , took its first steps with Dune II in 1992 and consolidated its dominion over the eSports for the next decade with the arrival of Starcraft in 1998. Today in Day is running down the plains of online competitions down the hill, thanks to the unblemished reign of the MOBA.

Already by the year 2004 the battles in real time were the undisputed kings of eSports and a company dominated with its two titles these competitions. It was Blizzard Entertainment , with its titles Starcraft and Warcraft III. These titles massified the generated RTS and gave him a significant place in computer games.

However, these titles were not the only ones that helped create the world of large-scale battles. A year before the departure of Starcraft, Microsoft launched Age of Empires , the video game that has charmed generations with its different civilizations and units, traverses 3000 years of human history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. A fun way to learn history. Sadly, the saga, which reached its greatest achievement and popularity with its second installment “The Age of Kings”, failed to enter the competitive world of eSports and its third delivery ended up plunging it.

By the hand of The Creative Assembly , a British video game company, we were able to see the battles on a scale never before seen. It was the beginning of the Total War saga , which captivated strategy-lovers with its control of large numbers of troops, without greater difficulty but giving full prominence to full military strategy. His first title, Shogun: Total War introduced us all in an unknown environment in video games to date, the mysticism of distant Japan Feudal and his massive battles confronting thousands of soldiers by side.

The Total War saga, which continues to date with its most recent Total War: Warhammer, has been characterized from the outset by blending diplomatic, economic and temporal features of turn-based strategy video games for campaign and multiplayer maps with Of the strategy in real time in the battles that you have to face in these same scenarios

Outside the competitive scene, there are countless strategic titles that made us and continue to feel a true General on the battlefield, one of the most repeated scenarios in this genre has always been the twentieth century and its countless warlike conflicts. We can lead our troops during the Cold War in acclaimed titles like Command and Conquer, World in Conflict and Wargame; Or get sentimentalists and lead Allied and Axis troops across the battlefields in the Urals, Normandy or Iwo Jima in works like Company of Heroes or Men of War.

Today many of the launches already named in this article are still played and expected by millions of gamers who love to feel with an army in the palm of their hand and rule the destiny of the world. Unfortunately the RTS have lost the protagonism that they had the last decade and the leaders of the sort like Starcraft II and Total War try to keep this tradition afloat to continue enchanting the new generations, that each time they have more variety of sorts to choose.

It only remains to wait for the great developers to continue to give life to the most complex genre of video games and that the next installments that come to the navel. We will see how the Creative Assembly does with Microsoft in Halo Wars 2 and we are waiting to see Warcraft IV, Age of Empires 4 or Starcraft III.