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Mafia III : a violent, brutal and original open world

New Orleans is hot, humid, noisy, untimely, unpredictable, black and anti-gang. The above adjectives are interesting ideas to propose the approach of a video game. The question I want to ask is why there are no more titles set in this city; Of course, we have Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation , Voodoo Vince and Bayou Billy , but there are really few attempts to seriously portray it in a more modern context.

Mafia III is the first title in which I really noticed a determined effort to recreate not only its atmosphere, but also the complicated historical period of the 60s. Although renamed the city as New Bordeaux in order to make adjustments (to bring certain zones closer, to eliminate Buildings that were not congenial with art direction, etc.), its developers confided in me that their intention is to faithfully reproduce the spirit of the original city.

The result is a game environment that feels unique. The general presentation is perfectly defined in the aesthetics of the time and its tone is scandalous, brutal and unpredictable. Mafia III is practically fiction pulp : extremely violent and dignifies the work of the main protagonist as if it were a hero. It also mixes police elements and racial themes to paint a rough and vivid picture of an intolerant society pitted against the counterculture of the 60s. Clearly, a more interesting context than the worn-out suburb of Los Angeles.

In my game session I enjoyed the first 2 hours and then made us jump up to about 22 hours inside the plot. Frankly, it did not seem to be half the title, though I could be wrong. It would not be strange, however, that like other open world deliveries it would last for over 50 hours on its main line of missions. Before delving deeper into some aspects, it is important that the reader understands 3 key points of Mafia III , so I invite you to watch this video and continue reading afterwards.

Combat levels are usually configured in such a way that it is possible to complete them in stealth or brutally killing all who cross your path. You must be very careful in any of the 2 alternatives, as your health bar will only regenerate to a certain extent. As you progress, you can increase it by sections, but to recover your total health you must use injections of adrenaline. The game does not hesitate to send you waves of enemies if your location is revealed or leave you without ammo if you spend your resources irresponsibly.

In the end, the feeling that Mafia III left me after about 5 hours of play was a title focused on representing the atmosphere of a city at a specific time. It is more a show of things as they were than disguising issues like prostitution, racism or violence. It seems that the whole game is aligned towards that goal and that implies that its control is so unique that some players would use the word “heavy” to describe it. I get a good taste especially for the effective way the plot unfolds and separate from the rest of the open world games with a little jazz, blues and a healthy dose of unforgiving revenge.