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FIFA 14 PC & Mobile – Sys reqs, Specs & review

Modern sports titles are debated between two streams. Should they be better titles or better simulators? The middle point is almost always the objective: that the simulation does not affect the game system and vice versa. FIFA has been concerned over the last decade in adding substantial improvements that contribute to this aspect.

The result is the introduction of an element of chance where it is required. Only the relevant should be addressed; A total simulation would not be fun and would not be a good game. The route taken by the game makes it virtually impossible for a system to control all players, so we must rely on the computer to perform certain tasks. This is one of the areas in which the team behind FIFA has spent more time on each iteration of the series, since adjusting the thin line between what the player controls and the work of artificial intelligence is delicate.

In a way, in FIFA 14 we must deal with the aspect of game simulation: now it is more similar to the real version of the sport, but the user must learn to perform tasks that were previously reserved for computer or artificial intelligence. The intention is clear: that the control of the ball is imperative to be able to realize a good strategy. With this they seek to eliminate “unreal” situations like that a player can dodge the whole opposing team. Minor automation also places an emphasis on the ability of users.

All of the above leads me to think to what extent a game should be a precise simulation. For example, I noticed how on one occasion a player stumbled upon another member of his team. Is it fair that artificial intelligence produces a situation disadvantageous for the player in a random way? For the short time I could play FIFA 14 , I noticed that getting used to will take some time, but it is a welcome change as it produces more interesting game situations.