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The best games of 2016

Metacritic nowadays is seen with different eyes by the players. While they are an authority, others believe that they do not put together or value what is really important. Even so, the site remains the authority in title rankings and now we will see what were the best games of the year according to critics. Previously we had seen the worst that the site had ordered all year , now, it is time to see the most remarkable according to them.


As for general consensus, getting a score of 93 out of 100, Uncharted 4, the final adventure of Nathan Drake, was considered the best game of 2016. Its gameplay and history made it the definitive adventure of the year among critics .


With a ranking of 92 among the critics, Inside was not only crowned the best independent game of the year, but also the second best of ALL. From the creators of Limbo, INSIDE again puts you at the feet of a child escaping from their destination.


However, looking at the list of all the games, there was another winner in particular, one who won in one place on three platforms as the best of the year. This is Blizzard Overwatch. The shooter won the place as the best 5th game on PC, the 6th best game on Xbox One and the tenth on PS4.


It is not a game per se, but it will definitely be remembered as one of the best downloadable content that has had a game in years and go that liked the criticism. In terms of score managed to be as the fourth best game of the year in PC and eighth in PS4.

Other data that Metacritic delivers is that the best Wii U game this year was Axiom Verge, with a ranking 89, and that the best 3DS game was Picross 3D: Round 2. The best PS Vita game was Steins; .