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StarCraft II The King of ESports and Games?

If something that I have always found fascinating in the world of Esports with all that I have seen in this last decade is the recent case that the fans of StarCraft II that have not realized that at the moment they are a niche in the cyber sport universe.

This past January 1st Peter “ppd” Dagger, new president of the sports house Evil Geniuses announced through a video on Twitter that they would remove from his cast several players of the FGC (including Justin Wong, Yusuke Mochimi, Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez and Yuko “Chocoblanka” Momochi) and bid farewell to their current SC2 squad, veterans Geoff “InControL” Robertson and Chris “HuK” Loranger.

Reactions did not wait and StarCraft II fans raised their fists in protest of the action – including the fact that no one had communicated with InControl since EG’s change of directive – with many claiming how they can get rid of those who helped To build the brand and that, citing the well-known caster of the game Leigh “Maynarde” Mandalov, “Apparently Evil Geniuses unfortunately has a lack of interest in the past, which in a way shows their lack of interest in the future.”

The problem is that with StarCraft II there is not much future.


Be free to light your torches but there is a good reason for that and you have to see it in a highly objective way, taking away the lenses of nostalgia and leaving aside the teddy of Zerling de Carbot. It’s the end of the road for StarCraft II, and I do not mean it to infuriate them. The hard data is there.

To begin we already have in our hands the complete game, its expansions, its additional missions, everything. Virtually the development cycle is over – out of routine patches – and they are practically leaving players playing with SC2 artificial intelligence. So much control in Blizzard’s controlled environment games (worth the redundancy) could only happen once you know it is no longer a top priority in the company.

On the other hand we see the world of the Esports, where you have to be extremely honest, StarCraft years ago stopped being the true “king of Esports” . For those who do not know, for years it was named for the game for its quirky tournaments and large sums of money (of course this Boom manifested in its 80% specifically in Asia), but with the current reality, this nickname is only Maintains out of respect for having given the foundation and foundation for what would become a worldwide phenomenon: young people playing video games in paid competitions.

In fact the last Western champion was crowned last October .

Today SC2 is only a shadow of what it once was (including the first game), where it’s still possible to turn on a TV in Korea and run into a game tournament, but simply, to the disappointment of fans, the harsh reality Is that the dream of reaching that level all over the planet was stuck on the Asian border.

There is a very loyal public of StarCraft’s skills and they will defend it to the death (including Blizzard’s patronage and blessing), the point is that it will unfortunately never reach the standard of the current eSports.