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Popular Mobile Games – Angry Birds 2 – Review

It’s been 6 years since Angry Birds broke into the world of mobile games, razing all records and becoming a global phenomenon. The game was everywhere, the children loved it and the Rovio executives swam in money … the bubble burst and after 10 iterations, came the sequel.

The market for mobile titles is very different from the one you saw coming to these angry birds and developers did not overlook the situation, so Angry Birds 2 includes fantastic graphics and animations on a basic gameplay mechanic, but enriched with elements that We saw in previous installments of the franchise. However, that is nothing compared to the overwhelming implementation of a freemium system with all the formulas and mechanisms that force the player to pay more than $ 0.99 of dollar if he wants to enjoy the experience.

As is often the case in free-to-play, the game is conditioned on a huge variety of factors, each designed to make you spend money. We are accustomed to that, many titles implement it, only this time Rovio crossed the line, because advancing in the game not only requires skill, but also luck or money. Factors that were once essential like physics, are put in the background and added empty features as magic cards to destroy the pigs on stage, but not all and yes, you guessed it: they are cards that are bought with the game currency, Currency that in the initial levels springs up gushing but in higher levels scarce as golden amiibos.

I can frankly say that I consider myself a casual Angry Birds player , if that exists. Like many, I hooked up with the first one and got some like the Star Wars ones , so in no way does it offend me that the game has been monetized in such an unfair way. However, these last days have been a patient struggle against frustration: it took me a whole day to spend one of the bosses. The game has already been downloaded millions of times and surely a good number of these players invest money in it, I do not … not like that, Rovio.